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The whispers of my heart

When was the last time you truly listened to your heart? I believe that when you follow your heart, you can never make a wrong choice. Now, don't get me wrong; it may sound simple, perhaps even cliché, but it's far from easy, let alone easy.

This is how I started my talk last december. I had the opportunity to speak to my fellow members of the Challenge Club. After a transformative year it was time to share my vision and the lessons learned. The video (as you see above) is in Dutch, so I'll summarise the main thoughts in this short blog.

I talked about the path back to my heart’s desires and the adventures on the bike. How I conquered fears and worries and how going through this I experienced joy in the purest form. It's there in very simple things a beautiful sunset, an exhilarating downhill ride, or a beautiful forest. I summarised my lessons into three main points, which will form my blueprint on how to live. The irony? These points are not mind blowing, but it's therefore that they are even more valuable to me. They are accessible and free, the only thing I need to do is to act upon it.

Three main lessons

  1. The greatest gift I can give myself is time. Time to discover and time to settle into what I experience.
  2. Nature is a universal gift. The earth is beautiful. Tranquil. Wild. Untouched. Simple. All at once. Getting back to basics; being in the greenery was the backdrop for relaxation and the feeling of serving a greater whole.
  3. Movement is my vehicle to let emotions and lessons flow. 

With this mix of ingredients, I saw, heard, and felt the light of my heart shining like never before. It allows me to receive, share, and forgive. I realised that this is why I am here on earth. To cultivate more love. Love for myself. Love for yourself and Mother Earth. To build a world in harmony.

So, the next time you hear that whispering voice, don't forget to listen. Feel it through. Give it time and attention. And have the courage to act. Because I not only believe that you can never make a wrong choice when you follow your heart, but also that you can serve a better world, a collective community. A world with more love.

I loved sharing my story. If you're or your company is interested in a talk about the parallels between lessons learned on the road and how they translate to (work) life, feel free to reach out or have a look at my previous blogs to read about the lessons learned.