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Ready, set, go!

Ready, set, go!
Albania by bike 

I woke up in the middle of the night with a thought: I can take the bike on the plane to Tirana and bike to Vlore (where I will be with Sebas for two weeks and then continue adventuring on the bike). I slept like a rose and when I woke up again this thought was still there.

Little throw back: I biked from Stockholm to Rotterdam, this was my test drive and then I would decide if I would bike to Greece where my yoga teacher training will take place at the end of October. I discovered that biking always takes longer then anticipated, this in combination with a lovely wedding from a dear friend I didn’t see want to miss and a workaction in Albania with Sebas, I decided that I wouldn’t bike from the Netherlands to Greece. I looked at several public transport options to bring the bike with me, but within the timeframe, this seemed mere impossible. I decided to book a plane ticket and go adventuring without a bike. Then all of a sudden a week before I leave this feeling pops up. Too strong to ignore. I sat with this feeling until I realised that I would regret it when I wouldn't take the bike with me..

So the hussle began. I had to go to the bicycle shop for a quick repair and to ask for a large carbon box in which I can transport the bike (which I will leave behind once I’ve arrived). I have a big bike, so I needed an even bigger box, which I could pick up the next day with my car. The first one didn’t fit in the car, the second one kind of did with some extra help. I started ductaping and adding plastic bags, protecting the bike as good as I can in a box. Still hoping that the bike will make it in one piece, but I decided to trust the process! I couldn’t remove the pedals from the bike as they were too tight. When I met a guy on the street who was repairing a bike I asked for tips, he was more than happy to share his tricks and I learned that there is a special piece of gear for this. Now that I knew this, I asked for help at another bicycle shop around the corner. I actually start enjoying asking for help, everyone was so helpful and all helped me without any charge. The most beautiful gift was yet to come as a friend of mine offered to drop me off with her campervan at the airport! This was my last piece of the puzzle I couldn’t solve as it was impossible for me to get there with the bike, luggage and the big box by train. So the exchange of giving and receiving started already!

I had a lovely month in the Netherlands writing, reflecting, being with Sebas, friends and family. Now I’m super excited to start adventuring again and share it with you too. Even more grateful that I’m becoming better at listening to what I really want and be able to switch quickly and get things done! A perfect combination of feminine and masculine traits working together, but more on that in a later blog 😜.

Lessons learned

  1. Decisions are not set in stone, you can always change your direction. Be conscious and do what feels right!
  2. "Not to worry", is what my grandmother used to say. Don’t let hassle stand in the way of your choices. Take the challenging road; as you go problems will be solved and it often leads to more fulfilment. (I had to remind myself of this lesson learned during my last trip: work in progress).
  3. You don’t have to do it alone. People are willing to help. And woehoeee I have the most awesome friends of the world 💕

p.s I'm posting this while I'm already in Albania and the endless smile on my face tells me I made a good call.