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Homesick for hearts

Homesick for hearts

It is the first time that I experience homesickness, although it's not necessarily a longing for home, but a longing for people. A hug from Sebas, a big kiss to Emilie, who turned 30, the ability to share precious moments.

The past few days have been beautiful, the places I visited breathtaking, the moments I shared profound. And in these moments, I miss the important people in my life with whom I wanted to share these moments. It blends with the feeling that this world is so beautiful, and I wish everyone could enjoy such beauty. The happiest moments truly lie in the smallest things, things that don't cost a dime. Watching the sunset, dipping your feet in the clear blue water, and the starry sky that makes you realize how small you are in the grand scheme of things. It moves me that life can be so simple, that happiness can be so tangible, and yet I make life so complicated, or at least rushed back home. One of the most important lessons in recent months has been that time has such an influence on your experience, while if you can forget about time, you immediately sink into the moment.

It is the first time that I don't really know where I want to go with this blog. Is it about connection with loved ones, is it about time, or is it something entirely different? Maybe it's about love, love for the people around you, love for the Earth, and love for all the beauty around you. And well, then it all comes together with time, or rather the forgetting of it.

Enjoy those very small moments of happiness today (and tomorrow and the day after 😜), be grateful for the last autumn sunbeams even if it’s in between showers, that cup of coffee with a loved one or cuddling with your dog. Enjoy, forget about time, and share it with someone you love.