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Photo by David Levêque / Unsplash

Things are shifting. Shifting both within and around me, inevitably connected. 2023 was about me, this year is about “we,” both on a personal and professional level. At the moment I'm discovering my place in the system. While doing so, I couldn't help but wonder; did I change last year? Maybe not in how others perceive me. But yes, I did change. Something within me anchored, I connected more than ever to myself, my values, and the way I want to live. I told before I could hear the whispers of my heart again and I rooted the belief that I’m on this earth to expand love.


When I started this new year, I promised myself that I would bring this rooted belief into my daily life & work and hold onto it. I was afraid that when I started working again, I would catapult back to the old. Which brings me to my goodbye. I was at my yoga teacher training last November where I honoured and let go of “Corporate Sam”. Man, she's amazing, with her drive and ambition she brought me to many places and she gave me so many lessons that I could hardly keep up. It is her dream to be the youngest female head in a management team, with her strategy and vision, she would guide the company in a direction and create a healthy and happy team around it. Yet, along the way it started to scrape. Is this really what I want? It’s around 3 years ago that I had this conversation with my career coach. Back then I said it feels like I have two different identities, one is Corporate Sam, and the other one Free Spirit Rose, who dreams about owning her own shack on the beach where growth is a central theme; whether it’s learning how to kite or start a personal development track. My coach helped me see that I didn’t have to choose back then, that there was an essence of growth and forward energy that was embodied in both. But at one point, the path of Corporate Sam didn’t fit anymore and I let go of her.

Learning from the snake

This morning I felt restlessness within me, I took a “me moment” to explore and delve deeper. Something that always helps when I feel agitated by the way. Today I drew a card from the medicine card deck. A card deck drawing on ancient wisdom and tradition from the Native Americans and provides learnings through the power of animals. I drew a snake, which stands for transmutation. Transmutation of the life-death-rebirth cycle. It helped me realise that I did let go of the old, but I did not “rebirth” again. And that’s okay because I’m hatching at the moment. Consciously seeing and experiencing this, made the restlessness disappear instantly.

From me to we

I’m smiling while typing, because this time this blog is real-time. It’s happening right now, so thank you because trusting these words to paper helps me from going from me to we again. And wiehoeee; I’m getting ready for this. While I’m hatching I have time to experience what suits me and what doesn’t. At the same time, the fire within me is burning. It’s getting ready to get out, to sharpen the saw and get ready to be me, even more. Not only for me, but for us, because I believe that if we are true to ourselves, we spread lightness to the people around us. From me to we.